Shiv Parvati Marble Statue

Shiv Parvati marble Statue

Buy Shiv Parivar Murti In White Marble

The Murti Wala(a unit of Ramakrishna Sculpturers) is a manufacturer, exporter, & supplier of Lord Shiva & Parvati Mata Statue in white makrana marble in various poses & size. Our Range starts from 1 foot(12inches) to 6 feet. We have a team of skilled artist who are expert in their respective field. Our products are made of best quality marble, fully hand carved, well polished, & decorated with vibrant colors. Our products are beautifully designed in one piece marble with Ganesha, God Kartikeya , nandi, tiger,  snake & sitting on mountain. Our Gauri Shanker Statues have huge demand in India, USA, UK, Nepal, Canada, South Africa, West Indies, Austarlia, New zealand & in other countries too. We do door delivery to our clients in every part of the world at a very nominal cost.

Pure White Marble Shiva Parvati Statue

Shiva Parivar marble Idol

Gauri Shanker marble Murti

Gauri Shanker marble Moorti

Shiva Parvati marble Murti

1 ft Shiv parivar marble Murti

Shiv Parivar marble idol

Shiv Parivar marble Statue

Shiv parivar Idols for shivalay

Shanker Parvati marble Murti

Goddess Parvati Marble Statue

Goddess Parvati Marble Statue
Devi Parvati marble pratima in size 2 feet

Shiv parivar Idols for shivalay

Ganesh ji, Kartikeya, Parvati maa& Nandi ji in 1ft size Shivling will be of 15 inches

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