Ram Darbar Marble Statue

1 Feet Ram Darbar Marble Statue

Ram Darbar Marble Statue

  •  The Murti Wala  holds expertise in providing the statue of Ram Parivar Marble StatueRamDarbar Moorti in White Marble to our clients. These Idols are carved using best grade marbles and customized in Every size per client’s demand. We accepts worldwide Orders Online & do Doorstep delivery in India, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, UAE,  Mauritius, & Other CountriesThese god and goddesses are available in elegant colors and plain white marble also.
  • Material – White Marble( Sangmarmer)
  • Size – 9inches,1ft,2ft,3ft,4ft,5ft & 6ft
  • Price – INR 21000 onwards  
Ram Laxman Sita & Hanuman Ji Statue in marble

Size - 1.5ft, 2ft ,3ft & above

Price(18") - INR 45000
(24") - INR 90000 ( shipping extra)

White Mable Ram Darbar Statue

Ram Laxman & Sita Ji Statue in Pure White marble

Size - 1.5ft, 2ft ,3ft & above

Ram Sita Marble Murti

Marble Ram Sita Murti
Lord Ram & Sita Mata ji Seated Statue

Material - Marble

Model - Colored & Goldplated

Size - 1.5ft, 2ft ,3ft & above

Ram Darbar Marble Murti

Goldplated Ram Laxman Sita ji Marble Murti

Size - 1.5ft, 2ft ,3ft & above

Small Marble Ram Darbar Idol for Home

Goldplated & Colored Ram Laxman Sita ji Marble Murti

Size - 1 feet

Price - INR 25000/-


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