Lord Shiva Statue

lord shiva idol in white marble

Marble Shiva Statue manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Lord Shiva Marble Statue- 1 ft

Shanker bhagwan Marble murti

Lord Shiva Marble Idol

Lord Shiva Marble Idol

Shanker parvati Marble Statue

Shiva parvati Marble Statue

Nandi Marble Statue

Black Marble Shiv Lingam

Gauri Shanker Marble Statue

Parvati mata Murti

Goddess Parvati Mata Marble Murti


The Murti Wala offers Marble Statue of Lord Shiva in various size & design. We are the manufacturer of all kind of HINDU GOD Deities Vigraham in white & black marble. You can customize color, size, & design as per your requirement. We had large collection of statue start from 9 inches to 6 feet. You can order statues from Pan India & worldwide. If you want to see more collection of  Shiv Parivar Statue in white marble then you are most welcomed.

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